Whew! You can be yourself and be happy

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Here’s a little secret I’ve learned about happiness.

It can look different to each of us.
It can mean something different to each of us.

But the power to get that happiness — to achieve it, to grasp it, to infuse your life with it — is something that we all share… no matter who we are.

Your path to happiness — I’m talking true, soul-stirring, life-altering happiness — becomes clear when you courageously choose to stop looking outside yourself to someone else’s definition of happiness and pause to see how you want to define it.

Instead of defining yourself and thinking about what you “should” accomplish according to someone else’s rule book, you make up your own rules.

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Living by your rules is an extremely powerful place to be. It’s where you decide what makes you happy. It’s where you reclaim your vitality (that twinkle in your eyes). It’s where you cultivate your mind-body-heart-soul connection. It’s where you reveal your true purpose.

It’s a soul-evolution! And it will transform the way you live.

This is my passion. Helping women like you to realign with your highest guides and truest purpose so that you can stop wasting energy trying to be who you’re expected to be … and come into the you that you’re destined to be.

This is exactly what happened for Kim when she created the space and time to experience deep happiness. Kim went from working hours that were depleting her because she felt she always had to say yes to everyone (even at the expense of her own happiness) — to clearly set boundaries and saying Yes to only what felt right for her. Which, in turn, gave her much more energy and brought the twinkle back to her eyes.

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

Imagine how your life will be different when you:

  • Discover new ways to approach life.
  • Free yourself from the cycle of living according to someone else’s definition of what will make you happy.
  • Strengthen and trust your intuition.
  • Effortlessly access your unique gifts, talents and power.
  • Peel away your Bravado layer — that protective layer you hide behind to protect yourself from judgement and intimacy.
  • Regain your sense of belonging, wholeness and contentment.
  • Tap into your powerful internal resources to more effectively heal, engage your heart’s truth, make decisions and recognize the guidance your soul is sending you.

It’s time to find your happy!

This Fall, I’ll be guiding a group of amazing women through a soul-stirring, mind-blowing journey to Deep Happiness.
I’d love for you to join us and get back to your truest, happiest self.




Helping you be your Brightest- Best Self

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Damini Celebre

Damini Celebre

Helping you be your Brightest- Best Self

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