Make what you love stronger than what you fear

One day you finally knew

what you had to do, and began,

though the voices around you

kept shouting

their bad advice…

Mary Oliver’s poem “The Journey” has been a balm that soothes me when my soul is screaming for change, but fear (my mind’s critical voice) loudly shouts “NO!!!!” in order to hold me back. Mary Oliver certainly touched on how we need courage to change — regardless of our nay-sayers.

It takes courage to be your own person. Courage to break out of the box of what is considered “normal.” It takes courage to dream big, to follow your heart, and to take action to manifest your dreams. It takes courage to believe in and love yourself enough to overcome what you fear.

We all have dreams: big dreams, little dreams, dreams of how we imagine our future, dreams that are insightful, and dreams that are catalysts for change. Some dreams propel us to the edge of our precipice — our jumping-off place, where we can be the person we know we want to be.It takes courage to follow our hearts.

Do you know that our heart is the strongest energy force in our body?

Scientists tell us that the heart creates a magnetic field that extends 15 feet out from the front of us.

In other words, when we follow our hearts, our heart’s energy forges a path ahead for us.

Allowing guidance from your heart — your higher self — is the way to live your life from your Soul’s truth — to live in the way that is authentically you. As you allow that guidance to flow through your body, instead of pushing to make something happen, you also invite a little more ease and flow into your life. Allowing flow into your life is paramount to living a life that is authentically you.

The opposite of living in your truth — is being stuck.

One way we become stuck is by fear.

Fear shows up as the stories that your mind tells you to prevent you from taking steps to realize your dreams. Stories of fear might tell you to refrain from leaving the path that seems most secure — the path that you already know. Stories of fear might tell you to run away, escape, take your next step too soon — before the timing is right. Fear disheartens us, thwarts our dreams, and leads us to self-sabotage.

Invite what you love to be stronger than what you fear.


To paraphrase from Julie Andrews, “When in doubt, stand still and wait for the path to clear”.

Are you ready for love to be stronger than what you fear- to realize your dreams and live being truly happy ?



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