How Journaling can free your Mind (and Heart)

Yes?! Then you’ve probity moved from that little clasped diary to a journal.

Theses days, a journal that can range from a lined grade-school copybook, a pre-printed decorative writing journal (with or without lock), to an art journal, or the systematize Bullet Journal.

I wanted to share with you another way to journal, called Soulscape. Soulscape is a synthesis of creative arts and healing arts that guides you on a Body-Mind-Spirit healing journey.

But…. Painting big at home, isn’t always easy when there are kids, sweeties, and pets to navigate around.

Soulscape journaling is less of a word journal but more a creative, energetic experience that helps you connect with your Body, Heart, and Soul.

All by using five simple steps: Explore, Move, Write, Draw to Transform.




Helping you be your Brightest- Best Self

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Damini Celebre

Damini Celebre

Helping you be your Brightest- Best Self

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