Follow your heart… to allow happiness to infuse your life

Damini Celebre
2 min readJan 2, 2022


In 2013, I had a vision: write a book. I balked, big time! I am not a writer — I am an artist. I thought, “I have nothing to say…” [and other excuses]. Yet the vision that I received was so clear and resonated so strongly within me that, after my initial freakout, I started to consider the possibility of writing a book. As soon as I surrendered and opened my heart to the invitation, then people began offering their help with the writing/editing/publishing process.

I remember saying to folks, “It’s not that I want to be an author; it’s that I’m called to write…”

I spent the past five years tripping all over myself. Writing dredges up self-worth issues and makes me vacillate between wanting to hide and wanting to be seen. (Who knew that following my heart to write & publish a book would be such a profound healing journey!??!)

Allowing joy to infuse our lives is a healing journey, whether we actively engage in the healing process or not. Most of us are searching for more happiness, and we desire more joy in our lives.

How can we consciously invite more happiness into our lives?

It only takes a few easy steps:

- First comes intention: we have a yearning to be the best, highest expression of ourselves.

Then we look at and untangle those limiting stories that hold us back.

We muster the courage to overcome our fears, and face what stops us — and befriend those parts of our stories or ourselves that we don’t like.

Finally, by the nature of the healing process, there is a transformational moment when there is a greater sense of deep happiness within ourselves and in our lives.

I wish I can say that healing happens instantly, but it doesn’t.

I wish I can say that you explore your hurts only once, and you’re done, but that’s not the case.

Healing is a lifetime journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and more moments of joy-fullness and bone-deep happiness.

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Damini Celebre is the author of Painting the Landscape of Your Soul. An Acupuncturist and Energy healer, she offers guidance for womxn to embrace joy through a unique process, that she founded, called Soulscape.. Find Damini at, LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter



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