A Tool for the Heart: Creating Your Taproot

Typically it is a central, vertical root that penetrates deeply into the solid, is very thick, is tapering in shape, and grows directly downward.

When you are anxious or unfocused, or your Head is spinning, and you can’t get a grip, imagine a taproot coming out of your feet. Then imagine your breath traveling down from your Head, Then Belly, to your feet and out the taproot

Now, imagine all the clutter and freakout in your Head, leaving your body with your breath.

  • To feel calm, clear and centered as you make choices about what you truly want instead of just catering to everyone else’s needs and wants…
  • What it feels like to be energized and excited about your life!
  • Being in control of your time, next steps and how to say I AM (without wobbling)

Navigate growth with ease by staying heart-centered, vulnerable, and unshakeable — So you can stay clear, centered in yourself as life speeds up to around you and begins to call you out.



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Damini Celebre

Damini Celebre

Helping you be your Brightest- Best Self