5 Ways to Keep your Body, Mind, and Heart Unshakeable [Part 1]

Damini Celebre
2 min readDec 2, 2020



I don’t know about you, but I’m super glad we are nearing the end of 2020. This year has been, well…. heart aching and heartbreaking.

It’s been a year of freaking out and getting calm.

Feeling lost and getting clarity.

There’s a sense of possibility and, dare I say, permission to allow one’s heart to open and dream again.

To free up the dreams that have put on the back burner because:

  • You felt that everyone else’s needs had to come first.
  • The loneliness has been taking up more and more space in your day,
  • Your yoga classes, family gatherings, and dinners out with friends now leave you drained and depleted instead of a full heart.

However, 2021 doesn’t have to be this way.

When there’s so much fear and despair in the ethers, it’s easy to stop envisioning a life filled with happiness. And when you stop hoping and dreaming, it’s easy to lose your way and feel beside yourself.

I invite you to take back control of your energy and your heart:

  • Remember how to dream.
  • Get the twinkle back in your eyes.
  • You stay in control of what you are thinking.
  • Feel steady and calm
  • In short, to become UNSHAKABLE.

That’s why we all need to find tools that help us stay in-our-power and although there are many different ways to get empowered. Over the next five weeks I’ll be sharing with you how I stay calm and in-my-power.

1. Recognize.

Be aware of your patterns.

First, you must recognize that you’re going down the path of fear rather than traveling the way of your heart.

That can look like: being easily overwhelmed and freaked out, or experiencing sleeplessness and feeling hopeless, or hearing yourself say “I can’t” instead of “I CAN!”

When you recognize your pattern, acknowledge it.

Say, “Oh, hello, Freak Out.” Or “Hi there, Hopelessness” and that will stop the pattern from escalating!

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